• Initially, Kettana were seeking a generic Bi-tool to get generic reports (revenue per products, per sales man, etc).
  • They were interested in digging data to unlock insights about of their profitability and enhance their operations.
  • All their reports showed a good GP based the market benchmarking, however, they reach a negative bottom-line.
  • Besides, they also were looking for a pricing tool that can help eventually, level their products pricing to increase their sales and profitability and adapt to the market demand elasticity

How the journey started

Lack of technology to address business challenge

The Struggle

Negative profit
Ineffective Pricing model

Complex solutions, high budget

The Move

Turn over the negative profit into a positive outlook as soon as possible. 
Better pricing model
provide key insights and recommendations.


Procreo™Procreo usually uses a regular process: 

  • Put the correct agreement in place to protect and insure client data security and privacy (GDPR, ISO 27001)
  • Setup an insurance to protect the company data from any breach
  • Send a data requirement for a data sample (according to the requirements, we define which key data and important dimensions to get as a sample)
  • Procreo team does a data profiling (manual human quality checks to ensure the full understanding of the client business). In case of poor quality of data, Procreo offers additional support to cleans and improve data quality.
  • Once the sample is approved, we integrate using an ETL process the client data to Procreo datastore
  • Once data is in, Procreo process the data to generate the required data