A New way for value creation driven by AI and Machine Learning

Procreo platform unique benefits are designed to unlock the full potential new financial management principles

  • Agility
  • Bottom Line Accountability
  • Dynamic Response
  • Decision Making Assissted by Artificial Intelligence

Agile enterprises are urged to unlock the potential of modern predictive analysis to make smarter decisions, accelerate their market penetration, and disrupt their competition

Why Procreo

In predictive value based management, instant identification of micro
trends and end-to-end traceability is key. Hence, Procreo platform will enable CFOs and Executives to:

  • Identify profit and Loss trends by ML segmentation
  • Predict P&L to the utmost granular transaction
  • Augment P&L structure with advanced business drivers
  • Conduct root cause analysis assisted with AI

Why Choose Procreo

The most needed use cases to support day to day business decisions

P&L Prediction

Blend transactions and activity based costing to generate augmented P&L with business drivers

Comparative Trend Analysis

Identify transactions of similar cost allocation patterns and conduct comparative analysis to identify cost optimization levers

Pricing Recommendation

Real-Time efficient pricing cost to serve for negative net profits and most affordable for positive net profit

Root Cause Analysis

Trace back and unfold worst impact combinations along the value chain