Our Unique Technology

Procreo's AI powered platform assists companies in creating value by real time profit growth management


AI-Driven Insights

Procreo automates repeatable ways to provide real time insight and support for day-to-day decision making on profit management, cost optimization, and pricing recommendation


Embedded And Augmented Analytics

Procreo embeds and augments predictive analysis across multiple platforms : ERPs, FP&As, EPFMs and other decision-making support applications


Augmented Business Decisions

It is the most affordable platform for businesses willing to invest in new technologies that address general use cases and pre-packaged AI models for profit management

Easy Onboarding

Unlike other FCPM and FP&A tools and systems Procreo’s onboarding journey is swift

Procreo is offered On-Cloud and is a self-service data and analytics platform that is easy to  implement, and it immediately enhances data maturity level of targeted medium and large companies that have a sheer volume of sales transactions and orders.

The next section highlights our swift onboarding process.

1- Onboarding

Identify revenue metrics, depth of P&L, and business data dimensions

2- Exploration

Identify major growth and cost allocation drivers to create augmented data dimensions across the value chain

3- Input and Calibration

Provide data structure needed to input initial pilot

4- AI/ML Procreo Initiation

Generate initial instance of AI driven analysis with first set of results and recommendation, based on an augmented P&L

5- Validation

Final validation of operations and insights through application of needed changes

6- Visualization

Publish datasets on Procreo and develop BI dashboards based on client needs

Procreo Highlights

Better Understand Your Financial Performance


Real Time Profit Prediction

Procreo will generate infinit P&L prediction for every single line item of your sales


Near Term Profit Enhancement

Procreo's predictive data instantly yield profit wale curve analysis for customers, products, and operations


Recommendation on Cost Optimization

Procreo's P&L drill capabilities will identify and recommend cost line items optimization


AI Decision Support

Procreo's executive level generated dashboards pinpoint top/bottom performance and high/low profit pools

Tech Partners & Integration

Procreo SaaS platform is easily integratable with ERPs, EPMs, FP&A, EXPs, CRMs and BI intelligent softwares in real time, allowing companies to deliver augmented and predictive analytics. Procreo offers professional services of implementation and customization.